"...per the brilliant Sports Club Stats"
(thank you Mr. Dater)

Welcome. This site sheds light on 3 things:

  • A team’s odds of making the playoffs.
  • How today’s games impact those odds.
  • How well they need to finish the season to have a shot.

Friday’s biggest movers

TeamChance:ChangeBiggest Reason WhyLeague
Saskatchewan Roughridersmake playoffs77.4%+1.5BC 23 - 24 HamiltonCFL
Montreal Alouettesmake playoffs10.9+1.1Winnipeg 29 - 9 OttawaCFL
Hamilton Tiger Catsmake playoffs3.9+0.5BC 23 - 24 HamiltonCFL
Winnipeg Blue Bombersmake playoffs99.8+0.3Winnipeg 29 - 9 OttawaCFL
Toronto Argonautsmake playoffs91.7+0.3Winnipeg 29 - 9 OttawaCFL
Ottawa RedBlacksmake playoffs93.7-1.9BC 23 - 24 HamiltonCFL
B. C. Lionsmake playoffs40.2-1.5BC 23 - 24 HamiltonCFL
Edmonton Eskimosmake playoffs82.5-0.3Winnipeg 29 - 9 OttawaCFL
Calgary Stampedersmake playoffs100.0Winnipeg 29 - 9 OttawaCFL

Saturday’s biggest games

Total swing: Adds up the "chance in playoffs" swing (difference between best and worst case outcomes) this game has on all teams. (Or chance of winning the title for non-playoff leagues.)

GameTotal swingLeague
OrlandovsCharleston7:30 PM76USL
St LouisvsCincinnati8:30 PM75USL
SacramentovsOKC10:30 PM75USL
DC UnitedvsSan Jose73MLS
DC UnitedvsSan Jose73MLS
DC UnitedvsSan Jose73MLS
Lindome GIFvsSävedalens IF1:00 PM67Div 2 Västra Gö
MinnesotavsFC Dallas64MLS
MinnesotavsFC Dallas64MLS